Fists were flying at the end of a college basketball game Tuesday night. It happened just as Kansas was getting an 81-60 win over rival Kansas State. Players from both teams threw punches as the stunned crowd at Allen Fieldhouse looked on.

The melee, which spilled out into the disabled seating section behind Kansas State's basket, began when Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa blocked DaJuan Gordon's shot, then stood over him in a taunting fashion.

The Jayhawks were dribbling out the clock while they were leading by 22 points late in the game when Gordon stole the ball from De Sousa and headed for a layup. De Sousa chased him down and blocked the layup knocking Gordon to the ground. He then stood over him. He did draw a technical for taunting. But that was only the beginning of the mess.

It took several minutes for tensions to deescalate and the teams to exit the court. Local police officers as well as coaches from both teams helped break up the fight. Multiple fans were caught in the fight and scrambled to safety.

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