There’s more news about ‘The Voice‘ and its third season, which is set for this fall. NBC will bump the series to two cycles per season and the show will air on Mondays and Tuesdays from the get-go, as opposed to one day a week for the blind auditions. That means an extended time commitment from the coaches, which could mean a new batch of celebs will be hired to shoulder some of the workload. Other changes will involve the revolving red chairs.

While the current crop of coaches have deals in place for the next two cycles, NBC entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt told Vulture that new coaches might be necessary for Spring 2013, due to time and their own career constraints. A cycle in both spring and fall could prove too much.

“They are all such busy, working musicians … their schedules start to back up on each other,” Greenblatt said. “We don’t know yet whether it will make sense for them to do two cycles [a year].” He also revealed that he always viewed the show as a “two per season” series and that this year’s success helped them to make the decision to move forward with that plan.

The show will also incorporate some other changes, including those iconic chairs. “We know people love the revolving chairs, and so we have a plan to get them into the battle rounds,” he said. He’s not talking about the people who sit in them, either. Greenblatt revealed to Rolling Stone that “there are also changes and tweaks in the format that will make it even better and more competitive.”

Hmm, this is a lot of information to process. The changes could be for the better or worse. The formula is massively successful as is and too much tinkering could turn viewers off or scare them away. There’s also that whole “If it ain’t broke…” theory. Also, the chemistry of the current coaches is a big viewership draw and duplicating that with other celebs might be more difficult than NBC execs think.

On the bright side, doubling up is thrilling news for fans who can’t get enough of the show and given the influx of singing competitions, like ‘X Factor,’ the competition and production ante will be upped on all fronts. The producers are striking while the iron is hot, that’s for sure.

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