She has no fear.

A woman in Texas was spotted carrying an opossum out of a bar and now many on social media are admitting that she's a lot more than they are.

It appears to be at the end of the night, but this HUGE opossum found its way into the bar, and this woman, with boots on, had no worries when it came time to remove it from the bar.

While many attempted to pet the animal, some elected to ask the woman to pose with it prior to releasing it outdoors.

Dallas Texas TV
Dallas Texas TV

While some may say that "liquid courage" may have played a role in this woman removing it from the bar, I feel like this isn't the first time she has removed a rodent from an establishment.

I only ask, how did something this huge make its way into the bar and why did she not hesitate to remove it?

And while this may have happened in Texas, I could easily see a woman at Cowboy's Nightclub doing this. No worries.

This is great. Watch.


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