Why do people still do this?

A good samaritan rescued this dog which was abandoned on the side of the road in south Louisiana.

Kayle Alyn Roy posted this photo of a dog in a cage on Facebook and she explained that it was just left on the side of the road in Iberia Parish.

She called the police but was informed that animal control would not be able to immediately rescue the dog, so she took the dog home for the night.

Unfortunately, Ms Roy says that she cannot keep the dog and will be releasing it to the animal shelter in Iberia Parish. The dog reportedly needs medical attention and it also needs a good home.

This pup deserves a better owner than it once had. Who can help? If you think you have the perfect home for this dog, please call the Iberia Parish animal shelter TODAY!

I applaud Kayle Roy for rescuing this dog and being there for it. I am sure this dog was frightened to be in a cage alongside a roadway.