The web was on fire when this video came out of some woman trying to take a selfie for over a minute.

In her defense, sometimes it's hard to find the perfect angle. Some selfies take longer than others, just sayin'. According to all the comments I've read, if you take more than a minute to take a selfie, you're a self-centered boob. LOL!

This lady obviously didn't care how long or who was watching her, she was going to get the perfect selfie. She was taking selfies so long that another woman had time to whip out her phone and start videoing her. Plus we got a NSFW commentary.  


Personally, I have no idea why the lady videoing was so upset. What really set her off is when the girl taking the selfies starting taking pictures of her own butt. To me, this is a grown lady, and last I checked, a free country. If this girl wanted to spend 24 hours a day and take 100 selfies be it!

My question: Is there a such thing as taking too long to take a selfie? Should the lady been so upset at the selfie-centered-boob? Comment below!