A reception chair at a hotel is being blamed for at least seven women becoming pregnant in the past 18 months. Four of the women have already given birth, to all boys, who have sat in the blue chair at Milton Keynes.While the joke around the hotel is that if anyone want to have a baby boy, simply sit in the chair, others are now doing all they can to avoid the chair. The General Manager at the hotel says that worker's are going out of their way to avoid the "fertility chair" in hopes of NOT becoming pregnant.  For more on this story visit dailymail.

After reading this story, we all know about the "birds and the bees," and we know that it takes more than just a chair to produce an embryo. However, I ask, what is going on either while on the shift, or after work. Is it bad luck, or is it that these women who work at the hotel use their privilege of getting the "nice rooms" and are having just a little too much fun. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like that chair could put a spell on you ladies.