Lafayette is a unique area of Louisiana and unlike any other place in the world. Just look at what we eat, lol. From our award-winning music to southern hospitality that's second to none, Lafayette may be different but we are over the moon proud to call her home. We took to social media to find out how folks in the epicenter of the Cajun Heartland would finish this sentence, "You Know it's Lafayette When...".

We thought we'd probably get answers about food, seafood boiling, traffic and carwashes...and we did!

You Know it's Lafayette when...

"You see a carwash at every red light" -Renee Bourque

"School is canceled when it rains" -Christopher Oncale

"People are zooming in and out of traffic with unbelievable road rage after getting past Maurice" -Lainey Poche Simon

One lane closed. All. The. Time. -Beanie Bean

"There's someone begging on every corner" -Chris Goodland

"There's litter everywhere!!" -Arlette Bourg Mathews"

"You catch 30 traffic lights wherever you go" -Dave Roy

"A red light means absolutely nothing" -Holly Sanders

Meche's king cake reigns Supreme. -Carla Nobles Boudreaux

"When every 5-mile errand takes an hour and crossing the road takes driving miles around multiple blocks" -Angela Box

"When the new stores and restaurants are so packed you can't get in" -Paige Faul

"Johnston Street is back to back for hours" -Todd Guillot

"The mayor who is also a president sends the police to deal with a meme in River Ranch" -Dayn Simon

The light turned red 5 mins ago and cars are still going. -Courtney Lormand

"When you have construction on every road at the same time" -Mindy Credeur

"Drive-thru daiquiris" -Belinda Rodgers Thacker

"When you are misunderstood...and really do not care anymore" -Lynda Landry

You go right to make a left. -Erin Mickal

"When common litter is an empty crawfish sack" -Katie Gauthier

"You're in a line of traffic for an hour waiting for people to turn into Chick-fil-A" -Michelle Falgout Kleinpeter

"When everyone likes crawfish" -Ernesto Silva Ortega Young

"A new road that opened 2 years ago is being RIPPED up to fix DRAINAGE" -Susan Mayeux Laborde

Go to a Festivals Acadiens in the park. -Lisa Beadie Guidry

"When the road names begin with Rue or Chemin" -Buddy Gauthier

"Smell crawfish boiling" -Sarah Kidder

"...when you hear the word home!" -Louise Guidroz Ortego

You are in traffic as bad as Houston. -Sandra Burleigh

No place is perfect and like every other American city, Lafayette may fall into that category. But she's our home. And the good far outweighs the bad. We must take care of her.

Think about it...of all the other cities in Louisiana...Lafayette has everything! Culture, great food, live music, more free festivals than most any other American city, friendly people, great health care, affordable housing, opportunities to make a great living if you're willing to do the work, wildlife, nightlife and people who will give you the shirt off their backs while handing you a pie.

Lafayette is the pearl of the south, an island that protects its people from the insanity that surrounds her.

"Lafayette" has a few different meanings, one of which is "faith". Focus on her positives and let's help fix what's broken (even if that means fixing ourselves).

Have faith in Lafayette and she will provide you and your family with a wonderful life.

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