There was some frustration expressed via social media this weekend by Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter about an issue that has already been settled.

Last week, anyone who was watching the weather, was worried about the amount of rain that was falling.

That community, like many others, had to deal with flooded homes and businesses in 2016.

Mayor Ritter took to social media this weekend to talk about what he says a resident told him they were told concerning cleaning out the the Anslem Coulee in their city.

Ritter says last year he and Lafayette Mayor President Joel Robideaux had settled the issue, but he says that's not the response that was given.

The mayor says they were told, "it is maintained by the city Youngsville."

With the coulee filling up and threatening nearby houses, Ritter wrote on social media - "same old, same old," about who maintains the coulee.

KATC reported,

"He called in to question some language that he felt put more burden on the City of Youngsville than the current law places on the City of Youngsville. When I looked at it, I tended to agree with him, and he was gracious not to say, 'I told you so.', Robideaux said in October.

More on this story later today as we reach out to LCG for comment.



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