Just when we thought our first world problems couldn't get any worse, Facebook decided to totally redesign the site and throw our online lives slightly out of wack. From the moment I woke up this morning, my social media news feeds have been melting down over the "new Facebook."

People are posting their complaints in status updates. They are uploading photos to express their disgust with "I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK" default picture campaigns, and sharing the photos with friends encouraging them to do the same. People are commenting on status updates and digital content expressing their dismay over Zuckerberg and Co.'s new Facebook layout.

So wait, if people are posting status updates, commenting on posts, pictures & videos and sharing content... whats the problem???

On Twitter, @daveanthony said a mouthful (or is it a Tweet full?) with an obviously fake, yet humorous quote from President Barack Obama:

Not since the Netflix disaster has America faced something as horrible as the new Facebook layout - Obama 9/21/11

To put things in perspective, and give you a nice little laugh along the way, here are three funny eCards from SomeeCards.com to help you get through this social media thunderstorm.

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