Let us introduce you to a 27-year-old British female who claims to have two vaginas. Yes, this is a rare medical condition that affects one-in-a-million females. Hazel Jones says that her condition is not an embarrassment at all. As a matter of fact, she and her boyfriend have celebrated this condition at various fetish clubs!!!

Jones was born with uterus didelphys, a rare condition that causes some women to develop two separate uteri, two vaginas and two cervices, the Mirror reported.It happens when a septum that usually breaks between two tubes, forming the uterus, does not break down, creating two uteri.

As for her hiding her condition...that simply doesn't happen!! Jones says that when she tells other females about her condition, they are so intrigued that she even volunteers to show them that she is not making up her condition. Jones has even admitted to losing her virginity twice due to her condition.