A 7-foot-tall Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket has mysteriously appeared in a woman's yard, and she has no clue as to where it came from or why it is even there.

Aleena Headrick says that one day she was driving past her home and that is when she noticed the massive bucket in her front yard. Initially, she thought that she may have been seeing things, but when she called her children to go out front and check the yard, they confirmed that there was indeed a 7-foot-tall bucket placed in their yard.

The woman's landlord plans to erect the bucket on a pole and keep it there permanently. And as Headrick stated in the interview, this is one landmark you won't be able to miss. Personally, I'd love to be able to tell guests on their way to my home that all they have to look for is a 7-foot-tall Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket in the front yard.