Yesterday on the morning show I talked about how one artist in Lafayette is stamping his artwork on property along Johnston St. in Lafayette, and now we have a photo of the artwork. A listener submitted the following photo of what appears to be a painting of a mouse on an ace of spades.

The picture seems to be harmless, but as KATC TV-3 recently reported, some business owners along Johnston St. say that the "artwork" is damaging the apperence of their business and property. The painting has been glued, making it difficult to remove the images. The paintings range in size from about six inches to over a foot.

Some property owners first thought the picture was a form of advertising or even gang related, but all fingers seem to point in a different direction. The painting, found in various locations between UL-Lafayette and Ambassador along Johnston, seems to be just a form of artwork by one local artist.

Lafayette Police say if the the artist is identified he or she could face a charge of criminal damage to property. Possible punishment ranges from a $1,000 fine to jail time. Lafayette Police are asking anyone with information on the identity of this person to call crime stoppers at 232-TIPS.