We have seen this one too many times, a kid finds his or her way into one of these "claw machines" to retrieve a toy, and they get stuck in it!! Watch how this little boy enjoys his time in one of these machines and make the most of it while being in a sea of balls.

Sure, we may think it's cute and all, but when will parents learn that these machines can be dangerous? The kid enters the machine when parents aren't around through the prize chute and finds his or her way into the machine, and later has to be rescued. I also ask, when will the manufactures of these machines make their machines "child friendly?" I have seen videos and photos of kids stuck in these machines on more than one occasion, and it seems like it's time to make these machines "child friendly."

Lastly, look at all the by-standers, rather than trying to help, they are all pulling out their cell phones to capture the moment. Is that what society has become? Capture the moment, then help? Regardless, the child was pulled to safety, and I am sure both he and his mom learned a valuable lesson that day.