The mother of Brandon Scott Lavergne is speaking out and is now offering her condolences to the entire Shunick family. Brandon Lavergne is currently being held by Lafayette Police in the disappearance of UL student Mickey Shunick. Hear what Cynthia Lavergene had to say today in regards to the case that her son is now involved in.KATC-TV 3 read a letter on a recent newscast that expressed how Mrs. Lavergne feels in regards to the Mickey Shunick case. Mrs Lavergne's son has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder in the disappearance of UL student Mickey Shunick.

Tonight, we're hearing for the first time from Brandon Lavergne's family. His mother, Cynthia Lavergne, releasing a statement to KATC saying,
"I would like to offer my condolences to the Shunick family. I also would like to have closure. I know I'm sorry is never enough however, it is all I have to offer at this moment. I am learning about this case as everyone else is, one newscast at a time, one facebook post at a time, and one phone call at a time."
-- Cynthia Lavergne