If you are a superstar like Justin Bieber, you should know by now that you should never let your guard down. Well, apparently Biebs did just that and one young lady took advantage of the moment and recorded Bieber asleep in his bed, all while she left unannounced.

Apparently Bieber hooked up with this young lady while in Brazil and while he was asleep the next morning, the woman took out her cell phone and took a quick video of Bieber still asleep. I assume she needed the proof to show her friends that she did indeed go back to Bieber's room the night before.

Normally we are hard on Bieber, but it is quiet evident that this young woman took advantage of the situation and used her phone the morning after for her own personal gain. If anything, she did let him get his rest as he is a busy lil dude these days. But to exploit him like this? I guess we can all learn a lesson from this one, right?

Oh, and by the way, if this video is legit, where are all his security guards? And what ever happened to that contract he has females sign before they hang out with him?