Often we make quick visits to a chiropractor to help relieve the aches and pains in our back, neck, or legs. But one chiropractor is now doing the same for "man's best friend," dogs. Yup, one licensed chiropractor in Pittsburgh has decided that dogs, like humans, deserve the same type adjustments as humans when it comes to ensuring health and well-being. Jasmine, a 6-year-old black and white cocker spaniel, was diagnosed with back issues after not wanting to move around much.



Like most pet owners, Jasmine's master took her to the Vet, but when pain killers did not seem to be working, the next best thing other than surgery was a visit to the chiropractor.

It took Dr. Dina Livolsi about six years to get certified through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. She now adjusts animals, mostly dogs and cats, at Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic. Each adjustment for cats or dogs runs close to $70.

The good news here is that since Jasmine started the treatments, her mobility seems to have gradually improved.

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