A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to visit Rochetto's Pizzeria in Scott, La. for "Eat Lafayette." This is one of my favorite places to visit when it comes to getting pizza!!!For this visit I sampled their Coastline Combination pizza, and it was prepared to perfection. I always enjoy a pizza that is never too filling, and that is precisely what you get when you go to Rochetto's in Scott.

In addition to this specialty pizza, I HAD to try Rochetto's famous muffaletta. This bad boy is LOADED!! Need something to fill up for the day? Grab yourself a muffaletta at Rochetto's. Chances are you'll be snacking on it throughout the day---it's that BIG!!

I always enjoy my experience at Rochettos in Scott. The staff is always fun and energetic, and the atmosphere is perfect for lunch or dinner.

When you visit Rochetto's in Scott, be sure to look for the "Eat Lafayette" box at the entrance. There you can sign up for the Caribbean getaway which is brought to you by the Fly Lafayette Club and Travel Machine. Good Luck!!