We've  all been there before . After a long night of partying all we wanna do is eat. There are only 2 places open at 4a.m. One would be Taco Bell and the other would be Denny's(Mel's Diner) Drive Thru or Dine in? It seems like an decade to be seated when you dine in and  waited again for your  check . Have you ever taken it to the next level of being P O'ed. Check out what this guy did. How can you prepare yourself for what happened at a Denny’s in San Antonio Texas last weekend. It started when an unknown man became angry that his waitress was taking too long bringing him his check. Thats what started the whole thing, The unknown Man  decided to take his anger out on the Denny's Christmas tree, by setting it on fire.

Witness say, the Tree looked like it hadn't  been watered since Christmas of 1988 , so it caught fire pretty quickly, that pretty much started everyone to panic and flee Denny’s.

Thank goodness no one was hurt except for Denny's pocket book costing them  $150,000 in damages. Police have reviewed the restaurant’s surveillance video, but haven’t been able to identify the man.

The unknown guy  faces charges of arson and  landed him  on  Santa’s naughty list .