Collectors are taking care for babies to a whole different level these days. Allow us to introduce some of you to Reborn dolls, dolls that are obviously fake, but resemble real-life newborns. Moms that care for these type dolls say that by holding and caring for them allows them, the moms, to hold onto their motherly instincts.According to a report on MSNBC, Several hundred hobbyists showed up to a Reborn doll convention in Texas where Reborns -- which can cost anywhere from $50 to $4,000 -- were the hot ticket item.




While those who care for these type dolls say its all about having a hobby, these moms still take it SERIOUS!!! Hobbyist have been known to care for their dolls like they are real newborns - changing them on a regular basis, transporting them in proper carriages and car seats, and more.

Hobbyist will also tell you that these dolls are not for sale, but rather they are FOR ADOPTION. Karen, who collects Reborns says, "You know that they're not real, but they look real and after your real children grow up you know that you can have something to hold and cuddle and love when you want to."

While I totally respect these hobbyist, I just hope that one day when I am in the Mall Of Acadiana I don't walk-up to one of these ladies and begin to compliment their baby. How embarrassing would it be for you or me to walk-up to someone with one of these dolls and begin to say, "Oh sha, look how cute. He/She looks just like you." So lesson learned, if you see a lady with a newborn these days, be careful!!! I think from now on I will make sure I see the baby breathing before I offer any compliments.



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