It may sound strange to some of us, but to some people "Cuddle Parties" are good for the soul. I heard about these type parties, the "Cuddle Parties,"  a few years ago, but they seem to becoming more and more popular amongst strangers these days .

A story out of Canada says that more and more strangers are coming together under one roof for some affectionate hugging and massaging. Yes, complete strangers go to these "Cuddling Parties" looking for affection with those they do not know. Strange or is it not that big of deal?

According to those who put on these parties, they say that the popularity of "Cuddle Parties" is growing rapidly. According to the Cuddle Party website, Calgary is now Canada's most active city for cuddle parties.

I ask, would you even consider attending a "Cuddle Party" if it came to your city? Would you ever consider walking into a stranger's house and lie on someone you do not know? Take the survey below and let us know.