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Lafayette's own "Cupid" stopped by this morning to visit the morning show and he had a lot to say in regards to his appearance on the television show "The Voice." Cupid recently appeared on the singing competition, but was not selected to move forward after singing his own hit song "Cupid Shuffle."

Cupid said that his choice of songs to perform was narrowed down by producers due to copyright regulations, yet he doesn't regret the opportunity to perform before a national audience of over 20 Million people. After he performed the "Cupid Shuffle" many of the judges, including Cee Lo Green, questioned why he sang his own hit song. After the fact, Cupid was given a second chance to display his vocal abilities and he stunned the audience with his own rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing."

Christian Aguilera said had Cupid performed the Marvin Gaye song initially---she'd have turned around and faced the Louisiana native in a heartbeat. Still, Cupid says he appreciates the opportunity given to him by "The Voice" and that the response immediately after the show has been overwhelming.

According to the Lafayette performer, he says he immediately received over 20,000 tweets after his performance on "The Voice." And yes, in typical Cupid fashion he hopes to answer each tweet.

While on the morning show Cupid also debuted a new song titled "Old School." He says he wanted to produce something that would take people back to their childhood days, and he may have done so in the song that is below. Lastly, we would like to thank Cupid for the time he took out of his schedule to visit the show. Always a class act!!