We have seen several moving stories surrounding graduation this year, but none may be more touching than the story of Kyle Woods. Kyle's dad is dying and his only wish was to see his son graduate.

Kyle's dad, Greg Woods, is dying from COPD and doctors say he doesn't have long to live. Fearing that his dad may not make it to their "official" ceremony next week, Kyle asked a news station, KPHO-TV, to help him arrange an early graduation ceremony and that's precisely what happened.

Several of Kyle's teammates and classmates got into their caps and gowns one week prior to their official commencement ceremony so that Kyle's dad could see him officially receive his diploma.

Props to the news station for helping Kyle out here and we applaud the school for helping fulfill Greg's one last wish---to see his son receive his high school diploma.

Kyle plans to join the air force immediately following high school.