If your name made this list, it might explain why people always call you crazy. I'm not sure where this list originated, or if there's any scientific proof to this list at all. It's been floating around Facebook, and it's kind of fun to go through. The funny thing is, I see some names on there of people I know, even exes I've had and they were crazy. I wonder if you get bonus points if you have two names on the crazy list, like Eric Scott "insert last name" or Tiffany Elizabeth "insert last name here."  My name didn't make the list and I kind of feel left out. See if yours did.

I searched the net to find where this list came from. I had no luck finding its owner. Just think about how much fun you could have with this list below, especially if you know people with these names.  Screen shot the list and post it to your girlfriends or boyfriends Facebook page, and see what they say.