Today, I finally found a chance to catch up on the manslaughter trial of Michael Jackon's former personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. The trial began yesterday, and now that I have seen pictures and heard audio, I have that "weird" feeling. You know, the one that you get when you hear disturbing news, or see haunting photos from the past. From pictures of Michael Jackson on a gurny right after he was pronounced dead, to audio of the pop star just weeks before his death it was all a bit overwhelming, and today is only Day 2 of the trial.

During the opening portions of the court case, in which the prosecution and defense delivered their opening statements, disturbing postmortem photos of Michael Jackson were put on display. A very sad recording of Jackson that was taped just weeks before his death was also played, in which the singer can be heard slurring his words heavily.

[via PopCrush]

Listen to the audio recording of Jackson just weeks before his death below, as it was heard by the jury in the courtroom. For more details on the opening statements from the defense and the prosecution, head over to PopCrush now.