Let's be honest, when it comes to Kim Kardashian, you either love her, you hate her, or you've never heard of her. There is no in-between. One guy thinks that this world would be a better place without Kim Kardashian. His name is Frank Basti, and after finishing parole for a recent conviction of mail fraud Basti has placed all of his energy into his website BoycottKim.com.

Kim Kardashian has made a mockery of American culture, doing whatever it takes to extend her fifteen minutes of fame so that she can selfishly profit from her celebrity status. By aligning herself with brands and products to promote Kim has made millions at the expense of normal everyday Americans. Through a series of distasteful and carefully planned publicity stunts, beginning with a strategically released sex tape, a scripted "reality" show, and now a (for profit) 72 day marriage, Kim Kardashian continues to bait the media into giving her more unjustified coverage and allowing her to cash in financially. Setting a horrible example for her young viewers and insulting Americans of all backgrounds and ages, Kim Kardashian cares little about the example she sets so long as her lust for attention and profits are met. Unfortunately, for many parents it is near impossible to monitor their children and keep them away from parasites like Kim Kardashian.

[via BoycottKim.com]

According to his website, Basti claims to have snagged over 650,000 signatures in his effort to "do away" with Kim Kardashian. Maybe this guy is just another "hater" .. but then again, maybe he's got a point.

What do you think? Sign the petition to boycott Kim here if you wish, and vote in our poll below.