Just when I thought that DJ Pauly D was the douchiest DJ on the planet, Dutch DJ Afrojack ('Take Over Control', 'Give Me Everything') has taken the top spot. A few months ago, we all shared a laugh when I told you about Afrojack's "collaboration" with newfound rave addict Paris Hilton on her quest to become "the most powerful house DJ ever." That was pretty funny, but what I'm about to tell you is just plain sad.

According to numerous reports, the pair is officially a couple. They were recently spotted together jet-skiing in Maui, relaxing on their boat, and sharing quality BF/GF time.  The romance, according to sources, has been going on ever since their musical collaboration, a few months ago.

The only problem is, Afrojack left his girlfriend of 2 years to be with Paris--while she was pregnant! According to Hilton's rep, the two are "just friends", but does it justify the situation? Congrats Afrojack, you have officially gained the hatred of all women across the world.  And chances are, when Paris is done sucking him dry to gain rave fame, the has-been socialite will drop him like a Hollywood dope charge and the use and abuse of his talent will go down as one of the most laughable moments in dance music history.

Who's the douchier DJ? Pauly D or Afrojack?