When it comes to pulling off pranks, nobody may be better at it than college kids. A group of college kids in Utah have gained a lot of attention on the web in recent days after they posted a prank they pulled on a few fellow girlfriends and then posted it to YouTube. The video which was uploaded is titled, "Girls Get Easter Pranked with Live Animals."And yes, the title of the video sums it up quiet well. A few college students at Brigham Young University wanted to get payback on some girls who had allegedly stole a friend's Nelson Mandela air freshener. So what they did was take Easter to the EXTREME!!!

The students seeking payback in the video cleaned out the girl's apartment. By that, the pranksters removed EVERYTHING from the girl's living room and created their own ecosystem in the apartment. They put plastic on the floor, laid down sod, planted a tree or two and even put live bunnies and baby chickens in their make-shift ecosystem!!

Watch what happens when the young ladies return home to LIVE chickens, rabbits, grass, and trees in their apartment. And after seeing this, I think any student at UL-Lafayette and/or LSU that ever pulls a prank needs to keep this prank in mind. The "bar" has been set in the video below!!!

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