A major explosion at a power plant Tuesday in Morgan City has left the ENTIRE city without power and without other utility services. The explosion damaged a transformer on site that takes-in electricity  from the electrical provider Cleco.Crews have been working diligently to get the power restored, but they have come across several obstacles in their efforts. Luckily, no one was injured in the blast. Since then, the mayor of Morgan City has declared a State of Emergency in the city. A dusk till dawn curfew has been put into place for the entire city. As for the city's hospital, it is working on back up generators for now, but may transport patients out if needed.

The city of Morgan City is now asking it's citizens to conserve water as the only supply they have is from the city's water tower. The pumps used to supply the city with water are down due to the power failure. We also recommend that if you know anyone in the vicinity of Morgan City, you should contact them as soon as possible to see if they need any assistance.



With temperatures exceeding the 100-degrees mark for the next few days in south Louisiana, it can be EXTREMELY dangerous for those without power. Here are the locations and shelters set-up for those citizens seeking shelter from the extreme south Louisiana "heat wave."

St. Bernadette in Bayou Vista is offering M.C. residents without power a place to come and get out of the heat. They are asking that you please bring anything you may need.

The Morgan City Municipal Auditorium will be open until 6:00 tonight. Water and food will not be provided. Anyone who needs transportation to the auditorium, should call St. Mary Community Action Agency 337-828-5703.

The Berwick Civic Center is available for only medical special needs patients needing power for breathing machine, life support, Kidney machines, etc. This Center is not open to public. Please bring sleeping bag, pillow, & water or any necessities. This is only for medical purposes only.