We have all seen the hashtags (#) in updates on Facebook, but did you know that there really is so significance for them on Facebook? Well soon, there will be a meaningful purpose for the hashtag in your Facebook updates.

CNN is reporting that the infamous hashtag is coming to Facebook, and like on Twitter, this will allow users to engage in conversations on any particular subject that is hashtagged.

The social media network wants to make it easier for its users to find content already on Facebook, and functional hashtags are the first step. Apparently Facebook has seen how many people use the meaningless hashtag on its platform, thus they have decided to put the symbol to good use.

Did you know that the hashtag feature for Twitter was created in 2007 to allow its users to navigate around subjects of interest with ease? So, what do you think about the hashtag coming to an update near you? Is it long overdue or are you dreading this new feature for Facebook users? Let us know.

Reports indicate that the social media site began to allow some users to have access to the hashtag links and more users should see this new feature available to them in the days and weeks ahead.