The Dallas-Ft. Worth area has been hit by a huge winter storm all week long. Snow accumulations have caused havoc for airlines and other transit officials. Another problem with such a large amount of snow in recent days is the clean-up process around the Dome which hosting the Super Bowl this Sunday. As temperatures slowly being to warm up, the melting snow now seems to be a hazard for the thousands that have converged on "Big-D."As snow begins to melt around Cowboys Stadium, large portions of snow has started to fall from the roof of the structure. Six people were injured today as snow started to fall on the plaza levels surrounding the Dome. One person was in critical condition, and five others were treated for various injuries. Sources in Dallas say that with such a large amount of snow falling on the streets of "Big D" in recent days, many are waiting up to 6 hours for a cab ride. They do expect conditions to improve somewhat by Sunday, yet the clean-up preparations have been hampered by recent conditions.