Over the last few days, many have been sharing a video of a man farting on what is described as an airport infrared security camera. The video also as many - including myself - wondering if this video is indeed real, or like many amazing and funny things on the internet - totally fake.

A quick search on the web reveals a few things:

  1. This video is actually pretty old (in internet years at least) being that the original seems to have been uploaded to YouTube in December of 2006.
  2. Many arguments bring up a good point that in thermal imaging, white = hot, and black = cold. The fart in the video shows up black, and... well... I don't think I need to sell you on temperatures related to breaking wind, lol.
  3. The angle of the fart, while comical, doesn't make sense based on simple anatomy. Again, there is no need to convince you that the point of exit in this case, points down.

So, what do you think? Real? Fake?

Either way, I hope this video works the same way that the myth about the pool chemical that detects urine did. Oh, you didn't know that wasn't real?

Anything that thwarts (ironic word choice, lol) people from dropping bombs in airport lines - or any lines for that matter - is A-OK with me. I can only wish there was a video like this to scare people who answer their cell phone in movie theaters, or ride the turn signal well after it has turned red.

One can only dream, but in the meantime, let me go laugh at this fart video again, lol.