The father of missing UL student, Danielle Wright, will join Chris Reed on the morning show Tuesday to discuss their efforts in finding his daughter who is lost at sea.

Danielle is one of seven members aboard the missing yacht, "Nina," that set sail from New Zealand to Australia. The voyage should have taken two weeks, but the yacht never reached it's destination. They set sail on May 28th, and have only been heard from once when her father, Ricky Wright, received a text message via a satellite phone indicating they had survived a violent storm while out at sea.


The coast guard from New Zealand conducted a search & rescue operation, yet the search yielded no results. Still, Danielle's family has not given up in their efforts to bring her home and now they are conducting their own search in hopes of locating the missing yacht.

Like any search mission, this search will require a lot money to supply those searching for Danielle, and the rest of the crew, with fuel, food, and other necessities. Texas Eqqusearch, the same group that took part in the search for Mickey Shunick, are assisting the Wright's in their search. If you would like to make a donation to this Lafayette  family in their efforts to find a loved one, please click HERE!!