Citizens in Ferguson, Missouri are demanding that the police officer who shot Michael Brown, officer Darren Wilson, be arrested and that several others within power resign. The protestors made it clear during a recent St. Louis County Council meeting that if something isn't done, they will carry their protests onto the field---an NFL field that is.

One passionate protestor stated at the meeting, "It's not going to be a fun day Sunday at your beautiful Rams game." Are the protestors threatening to take control of the Rams and Cowboys game this Sunday from the Edwards Jones Dome, it sure sounds like it. 

Police is St. Louis say that they will allow for peaceful protests, but if the protests get our of line, they will be dissolved. The St. Louis Police Chief, Sam Dotson, says that extra police will be brought into the downtown area, where the dome is, to keep order in the city.

Protestors have threatened to not only interrupt the NFL game this Sunday, they say that if justice isn't served that they will take over grocery stores and perhaps even interrupt post-season baseball games if the St. Louis Cardinals make it to the MLB World Series game.

One activist has encouraged all St. Louis Rams fans who want justice to turn their tickets over to him so that those willing to interrupt the Rams/Cowboys game can get into the dome this Sunday.

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