Within minutes of hearing the details of the bounty penalties handed down to the New Orleans Saints that included a one-year suspension of head coach Sean Payton, the Who Dat Nation already had t-shirts made. Numerous screen-printers pressed up their own versions, but on every t-shirt the same message was clear; 'Free Sean Payton.'

Between Lafayette and New Orleans, I have personally seen some variation of the 'Free Sean Payton' t-shirt at every place I've been over the last week. From grocery stores, to bars and restaurants, on people of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes - the 'Free Sean Payton' t-shirt is literally EVERYWHERE. (We even have custom Hot 107.9 'Free Payton' shirts courtesy of Rytek Printing!)

But, while Sean Payton and the Saints were wrong for breaking rules, and lying to NFL investigators, the Who Dat Nation is still rallying behind their team and 'Free Sean Payton' isn't just a t-shirt, it's officially a movement. The reason I say this, is because in addition to the t-shirts and rallies, there is now the 'Free Sean Payton' song.

'Free Sean Payton' is written and produced by local New Orleans rappers 5star and T-Bone, and like most of Who Dat Nation, their frustration rings loud and clear throughout the track. The song is literally a rally cry for New Orleans Saints as it repeats "Free Sean Payton... We Want Payton" in it's 'call and response' hook, which is often found as a staple in traditional New Orleans Bounce music.

While the Saints have admitted wrongdoing and accepted the bounty punishments, the song addresses the 'elephant in the room' and points out that while the Saints are taking quite the lick, they are definitely not the only team in the NFL with bounty ties.

We da' Who Dat Nation and we can't be stopped
If the ball's in your hands, then you gonna get clocked
Teams been havin' bounties, why you actin' all shocked
Goodell down bad, putting Payton on lock

My absolute favorite line is at the end of the second verse and it transcends what all the 'true' Saints fans are feeling right now.

You can't stop a Who Dat,
Boy I thought you Knew Dat,
As long as we got Drew Dat,
We gonna' Do it to Dat!

This is why I love the Who Dat Nation. This is why I love the Saints. This is why I love New Orleans.

Listen To The 'Free Sean Payton' Song