New Orleans Saints Head Coach, Sean Payton, has finally addressed the media since finding out that the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has decided that he, Payton, would not be coaching the Saints in 2012 due to his involvement in "Bounty Gate."Sean Payton was found to not be cooperating with an NFL investigation in which there were allegations of a bounty-style program in the organization in which Payton leads. Since then, the NFL has levied many fines and suspensions with the Saints organization.



Since the ruling on various suspensions within the Saints organization, it has been reported on various networks, like ESPN, that the Payton has reached out to an old friend of his, Bill Parcells, in regards to taking over the team for one-year. Still, while nothing "official" has come out of their talks, Payton says,"I kinda speak with him [Parcells] pretty regularly, my conversations with him to date have just been about the uniqueness with the situation."

Payton, whose suspension begins Sunday, described a long checklist of decisions that needed to be made by the end of this week. Commissioner Roger Goodell said Payton has until Monday to appeal and, if he does, he could stay on as coach pending an expedited hearing.

One thing Payton did say that he is sure of is that he WILL be the coach of the Saints in 2013. For more on this developing story visit ESPN.