32-year-old Maria Kang, who is a fitness enthusiast, posted this photo nearly a year ago on her Facebook page, and now she has been left defending the message tagged to it.

Kang has three young children, who are seen in the photo, and above Mrs. Kang's head reads, "What's Your Excuse?" As you can clearly see in this photo, Mrs. Kang is in superior shape and has three small children. It's safe to say that she has worked off the "baby weight" since the birth of all three children.

Well, some women feel like she is flaunting her body and success all while calling out other women who have not lost the "baby weight" following pregnancies. She says that is not the case. She says that the purpose of this photo was to motivate and encourage other women.

Kang admits that she has suffered from an eating disorder in the past, but she says training full time, working two jobs at once, and not having a nanny along the way helped her remain in such great shape. She refuses to apologize for how some may have interpreted her photo, but she hopes that it inspires others to work off the "baby weight" following a pregnancy.

We ask, are you offended by this photo? We know how difficult it is to be a mom and sometimes working out takes a back to seat to other responsibilities. Let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

For more on what she had to say about this photo visit Yahoo.