Well, this is something. What do you get when you cross a famous entertainer, a midi-controller and laser beams? You get Beamz by Flo Rida, the latest in a line of gear designed for anyone to express their creativity through music, even if they're not musically inclined (having a sense of rhythm, however, is required).

Included in the kit is the Beamz controller, and software available for your computer, iPad or iPhone, and a starter library of 20 songs you can manipulate/tweak/mess around with the controller. You can download additional titles through the app, or on the website starting September 16th if you're using your computer. What is unknown is how the controller interacts with existing music you may have, or if you're only able to be creative with the songs in their library.

It's also a midi-controller, which will allow you to trigger audio, samples, etc. like other controllers, but using a laser light instead of a button as the trigger. I have a feeling that some very creative types will find ways to use this controller that even Flo Rida never anticipated, and many others will purchase because it looked cool on the video, but end up never really using it.

Here's an additional video showing some more of the capabilities of the Beamz controller:

And if that's not enough proof, here's a video compilation of a 'Beamz Player Performance Contest' showing just how awkward people can look using the product. If you've got spirit fingers, need to lightly work out your arms, pretend you're a conductor in an orchestra, or if you want that 'something extra' for your DJ set, watch and learn.