A Florida woman has a unique excuse in explaining why she failed a recent field sobriety test. Maureen Jane Raymond, from Port St. Lucie, about 110 miles north of Miami, was arrested in Jensen Beach on Jan. 29 after she was noticed traveling at speed and crossing the yellow double line before parking in two spots outside a drug store. However, there is more to this WILD story!!!Below is a picture of  the woman accused of being drunk while driving. According to the report, a deputy smelled alcohol on the 49-year-old and noticed she had slurred speech, glassy eyes and staggered when she walked.

Raymond allegedly told the arresting officer that she may have trouble passing a field sobriety test because of her "large breasts." She informed the police officer that pulled her over that balancing large breasts is rather difficult, and that it may hinder her from walking in a straight line.

When asked to walk in the straight line, the accused began to dance, the report noted. After again blaming her breasts for being unable to complete the test, the deputy noted in his report that Raymond then "began to take her clothes off to show me her breast and I stopped her."

The accused was arrested and later released on bail, yet still charged with driving while under the influence.
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