A new program for low-income families is offering 'food stamps' for pets, but it's not a program from the federal government.

Pet Food Stamps, which is a non-profit organization out of New York, offers financial assistance to U.S. pet owners who are going through tough financial times. If a family that own pets is having trouble feeding their pets, this non-profit organization wants to offer it's assistance to the family in hopes that the family does not relinquish the pet to a shelter.

Marc Okon created the Pet Food Stamps program to help low-income families keep their pets. "I received a letter from a woman who is on food stamps. She lost her job recently. She's a single mother of a severely disabled young boy, and she said his only companion and his only mode of communication is with the family dog and they're thinking about getting rid of the dog because they can't afford to feed it. It's people like that that this program is aimed to help," he told ABC-7.

The program to aid these families has only been up and running for a few weeks, but the founder says that several thousand people are coming forth each and every day seeking financial assistance. Currently, this program is running off of private donations, but hopes to seek out corporate sponsorships in the near future.

In order to receive pet food stamps assistance, simply log on to the Pets Food Stamps site and fill out an application. Those who qualify for financial government assistance will most likely qualify for the Pet Food Stamps program.

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