2Paul's BBQ has quickly become a staple in Lafayette when it comes to dining out and when it comes to getting your hands on some delicious BBQ. 2Paul's is located off of Johnston St near Albertson's at South College. I had the pleasure of sampling a few of their entrees and was pleasantly surprised by the desert they offer at 2Paul's BBQ. I must admit from the start, I am a regular at 2Paul's BBQ and the RIBS there are by far my favorite!! Sprinkle a little of 2Paul's BBQ Sauce over the stack (The Pepper Jelly Sauce) and you will be BLOWN AWAY!! I have never tried 2Paul's hamburgers, but for this Eat Lafayette visit I did, and I was IMPRESSED!! The bread, the meat, the condiments and more has me convinced that the burgers at 2Paul's BBQ is one of Lafayette's best kept secrets. Speaking of secrets, you will be taken back by the onion rings at 2Paul's BBQ. They are lightly battered and they are NOT greasy!!!

As you will see in the video below, 2Paul's BBQ also offers up quiet a desert menu. For all of you sweet lovers, the Chocolate Sheet Cake at 2Paul's is for you!! The desert here at 2Paul's is perfect way to end your meal after any of their BBQ dishes.

Thanks to the staff and owner's of 2Paul's BBQ here in Lafayette for yet another wonderful experience. Don't let this little secret slip by you, get there and experience some really radical BBQ!!!!