The same team behind last year's genius Hello Flo marketing campaign has done it again with a new ad for their period starter kits aimed at tween-age girls.

A young girl is seen "faking" her first period to impress her friends. Once her mother catches wind of her antics, instead of lecturing her for being dishonest, she decides to follow a faux-family tradition and throw her a 'First Moon Party' to celebrate her monumental entry into womanhood.

The poor little girl instantly regrets her decision as hilarity ensues and situations get more uncomfortable with every scene in this very clever ad. This commercial is so good, it makes me wonder if if First Moon Parties—fully equipped with "vagicians," "pin the pad on the period," and "uterus pinatas"—could actually became a real thing.

Enjoy the commercial, and check out more information on Hello Flo period starter kits here.