People often ask me, and my colleagues, "Why do you work in radio?" For years I have thought about that question, and every time  I think about it---I think of the kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

None of us in radio do this to get rich, and most of us don't even do it for all of the perks that comes with this profession. Most of us would tell you we do what we do because we enjoy helping people.

Luckily for all of us at Townsquare Media in Lafayette, we are official St. Jude radio stations. That means, twice a year we stop everything we are doing on the radio, and devote two days of programming to raising money for the babies at St. Jude.

I was fortunate enough to visit St. Jude as soon as I was hired at HOT 107.9 and quiet honestly I did not know what to expect. But on the plane ride home from Memphis, I realized that I had just witnessed multiple miracles. Miracles of doctors and nurses saving babies.

True, not all of the stories end like we would want them to at St. Jude, but the progress being made there is amazing. Their goal at St. Jude is to have a 90% survival rate by 2020, and they will do it!!

Did you know that there are over 700 KIDS from Louisiana there right now being treated for cancer and/or other deadly diseases?  That's the population of small villages.

It takes over $2 MILLION A DAY to run St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, and everything they learn there they share with other hospitals all over the world. There are no secrets at St. Jude.

You know, walking the halls of St. Jude is something we should all be able to experience. It doesn't look like a hospital, nor does it smell like a hospital. And the kids there are so happy. Perhaps they are so happy because they are given a chance to live. Something we may all take for granted.

The most innocent people you will ever meet in this world are walking the halls at St. Jude, and all that they want is a chance---a chance to keep living. But that can't happen alone, they need you and me!!!

Please become a partner in hope today. The $20 you pledge to these kids, and their families, will be the BEST $20 you spend each month. I promise you.

A lot of kids from our area are waiting for you and me to make a difference, and today is the day. Together, we will end childhood caner. We will.

Become a Partner In Hope now by calling: 1-800-372-4999