We all know the trip to Walmart isn't the number one thing on your list, but we all have to go there sooner or later. So, why not have a little fun? Here are 10 way to have fun while in Walmart. The great thing is Vine has helped us out. You know you've done at least one of these things in Walmart, like sprayed Febreeze or tried on at least one mask in the kiddie aisle. All I want to know is, who has twerked at Walmart? Vine with strangers

Just Spray it out

Running things over are cool too

Jump in the balls like you're a 2-year-old at Chuckie Cheese

Get weird by trying on some jogging paints

What's a Walmart trip with out twerking by the milk?

  Trying out all the chairs in Walmart and then voicing your opinion like anyone cares

Who hasn't tried out the costumes or masks at least once in Walmart?

You see, this is why we cant have nice things.