By now we know that Carrie Underwoodhas replaced Faith Hill as the voice of NBC's "Sunday Night Football." Now, we have a preview of what to expect every Sunday night on our television.

In recent years, I have found that Sunday Night Football has replaced Monday Night Football on my radar. Sure, the games seem to be better on Sunday nights, but in my opinion, the production NBC puts into their product also stands out amongst the rest.

At the end of the last football season, NBC announced that Faith Hill would not be returning this year as the voice to "Sunday Night Football." Since then, as I predicted, Grammy-Award Winner Carrie Underwood has been named as Hill's replacement. Sure, she has the voice to take over Hill's spot, and she certainly has the looks.

Here is a sample of Carrie's rendition of the "Sunday Night Football" Theme. Tell us what you think of it below.