An entire girls high school basketball team drank from a contaminated water cooler last month and it has been revealed that their rival contaminated the cooler with urine. The girls from Monett High School in Missouri reportedly drank the water, spiked with urine, and are currently undergoing tests to determine if they are at risk of becoming ill due to the contamination.

As can be expected, the parents of the girls from Monett High School are not too happy about this prank and many are worried that their children may be subjected to various diseases. According to reports, four Cassville High School players urinated into cups and dumped one of those cups into the drinking water that Monett used during the February 4th game at Cassville.

The Superintendent of Schools has requested that everyone involved in this prank act professionally and maturely. He said, "We encourage you to support our stance that retaliation in any way stoops to the level of the offense committed against us and is counterproductive."

Cassville school administrators said they disciplined the players involved in pouring the urine into the drinking water, but would not disclose of their punishments. This is the first time these two schools have an incident between them. And in case you are wondering Monett lost the game, 26-37.

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