A strange incident took place in West Fresno at the corner of McKinley and Marks and FOX KMPH Ten O'clock News was there to record it. Watch Kai, the homeless hitchhiker, describe the accident and his part in the rescue mission.

Kai was in the passenger seat of a car when the man behind the wheel, claiming to be Jesus, decided that he would hit a utility worker because of the man's race. The man was pinned under the car and as soon as the good Samaritans started to arrive to help the man under the car, the driver went on attack.

When the hitchhiker saw the driver of the car go on the attack, while carrying his hatchet, he proceeded to the take down the crazed man. If this incident isn't too weird for you, watch Kay the hitchhiker describe the way he was hitting the crazy driver with his hatchet by saying "SMASH! SMASH! SUMAAASH!"