The Friday Morning Breakfast Jam is becoming more and more popular each and every week and its because of what so many of you say via Facebook or Twitter. We see and hear from all of you that are listening, and we thought that we would share a few of the testimonials that you have posted on various social media sites.

Aside from doing the mix live every Friday morning on HOT 107-9, we love to monitor our Facebook feed and Twitter time line. We know when you are listening even when you don't directly state that you have HOT 107-9 CRANKED UP!! We absolutely love when our listeners just put up lyrics to the song we are playing on Facebook or Twitter.

So many of you are listening here in Acadiana, but thanks to our on-line stream and mobile phone app, RadioPup, we have so many listeners outside the state of Louisiana!! The show has grown so much in the last few years and its all because of YOU!!

Today we are giving you a FOUR HOUR Breakfast Jam mix because you helped us, HOT 107-9, surpass 50-thousand "Likes" on Facebook. We are the MOST followed radio station in Acadiana and we can't thank you enough. Recently, we have seen our number of followers on Twitter begin to grow as well!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Here are just some of the testimonials we have collected in recent months from social media sites, and we encourage you to continue showing your support for The Friday Morning Breakfast Jam on your social media pages or site. We also say thanks to our wonderful sponsors Express Employment Lafayette and Scandals Nightclub in Lafayette!! Without these two fine sponsors there is no Breakfast Jam on HOT 107-9!!