A huge snake was recently spotted in a tree in Baton Rouge, off Highland Road, and was probably hunting for birds in a nest. The photograph was taken by Matthew Lee and he estimates that the snake was 7ft. long.

According to WAFB-TV, Louisisana Wildlife & Fisherires herpetologist Jeff Boundy says the snake in the photo looks like a Texas Rat Snake. According to Boundy these types snakes are harmless and often feed on rodents and birds.

Boundy says, "Snakes are often observed at this time of the year because they are seeking prey and mates after the winter dormancy." Personally, I wish they'd all stay in hibernation.

To see a snake close to 7ft long climbing a tree is wicked. Poisionous or not, I wouldn't get close enough to that thing to snap a photo. Props to Lee who took the photo, you're a braver person than me!!!

News Source: WAFB