Its that time of year again, time for the company Christmas parties and who already know what that means. Its when you learn a lot about those you work with on a daily basis because once the alcohol starts to flow at the Christmas parties, people do things that you would not expect. But is there a new buzz-kill for company Christmas parties and its called Facebook!!

We talked about this on the show this morning, but if you missed it according to a new survey, FACEBOOK has ruined your chances of getting-it-on at the company Christmas party.  80% of people say they've toned down any potential wildness or drunkenness at the party because they're afraid the photos will wind up on Facebook. Everyone has a camera now in their pocket and as a society, we have been trained to document everything, and yes that includes crazy situations at parties.

So keep this in mind this year, before you start hitting up the free booze table at your company Christmas party, remember there is always someone around the corner with one finger on the that "Post" button on Facebook. Protect yourself so that the morning after the party you're not having to call a friend and/or colleague asking them to delete a photo.