Sixteen Year Old Jessica Sanchez became a "household name" overnight after she performed "I Will Always Love You" on American Idol. The young lady in her small frame took on the challenge to perform one of the most difficult songs to sing, and she did before an national viewing audience.

Watch as Sanchez performs the hit song from Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" while competing for the title "American Idol." Her performance left all three of the judges in shock and as Steven Tyler put it, "You just made 40 million people cry tonight."

Honestly, I had the show on in the background, but was not really paying much attention to it. Then I heard someone on stage start to sing "I Will Always Love You." At first I was like, good luck trying to sing that one because through the years we have seen many fail miserably while trying to sing this iconic song. However, after just a few seconds I actually stopped eating my dinner and directed my attention to the show like I have not in recent years. I was BLOWN AWAY by Jessica Sanchez on Wednesday night. Personally, I think the competition is hers to lose. Let's see what is next for the young lady, but if last night is any indication of her talent; the sky is the limit.